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"It is wonderful to have the opportunity to learn from the experiences and challenges of other entrepreneurs. The examples of how others have problem solved help me to discern my next steps. I intend to stay connected and continue to identify the steps to take on my journey toward becoming a soaring Eagle. I am on my way." - W. Foster - York, PA

Join one of the fastest growing global tools for aspiring entrepreneurs, community leaders, corporate managers, VIPs and advocates of change in the Americas. Currently heard in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Europe and the Middle East the Call of Eagles has been credited with raising small business revenues by up to 14% since its inception in January of 2017 and has entrepreneurs and professionals from all walks of life sharing success stories on how it has strengthened them week by week.

Choose your level of engagement and get ready to join our Eagles as they soar in their business, professional and personal lives!

How the Call Works:

1. The Call of Eagles is presented LIVEeach Monday at 7:07am - 7:37am and again 9:07pm - 9:37pm EST via webinar(You may view/listen to either or choose to experience both!)
2.Each week is recorded and posted on the CoE group page via Facebook for you to view at your leisure. Webinars remain available for the entire month and may be reviewed as often as desired.

Sign up today and join the ranks of professionals and serious entrepreneurs who are building their vision one week at a time with the Call of Eagles!

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Not sure if the Call of Eagles is for you? Find out for the cost of a couple of trips to Starbucks. You drop $30 on nothing all the time, invest it in yourself and see how the Call of Eagles is impacting so many!

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